Video Production

​Client: Indigo Sky Casino


Role: Videographer & Editor

Date: April 2020

Goal: Showcase the client without promoting a call to action with the quickest turn around possible as the pandemic COVID-19 was shutting down all non-essential business.

Approach: Capture footage not used before by client or their competition. Edit without voice or a promotional theme.

Goal Accomplished: By using new equipment and techniques the goal was accomplished of showcasing the client without prompting a call to action. During the pandemic advertising changed dramatically. This approach had to be taken to keep brand awareness, but shift it away from the glamorous allure that the client had previously been using in their advertising.


​Client: Cody James Ministries


Role: Director

Date: May 2009

Goal: Emotional based video for client to play before concerts and present on social media.

Approach: Key in on client's ability to story tell combined with visuals that are warm and inviting. The video being shot at a show location with set being setup in the background using depth of field.

Goal Accomplished: The combination of client's sincerity with lighting techniques, sound techniques and camera techniques achieved the desired results. From a director's stand point it took our entire team utilizing each of their individual skills to achieve the production.

​Client: City of Webb City


Role: Drone Videographer

Date: 2019

Use: Social Media and Website Video

​Client: Indigo Sky Casino


Role: Drone Videographer

Date: 2020

Use: Social Media, Website Video & Television Production

​Client: Country Side Storage


Role: Drone Photographer

Date: 2020

Use: Photos to be used in future advertising and marketing.

Webb City, MO

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